Who doesn’t feel better coming home to a clean, organized, clutter-free living space? Have you ever wondered why you feel less stressed in a clean environment versus a unkept one? Well, science assures us that this is not just in our heads. The truth is, we feel more stressed out and anxious when our homes and/or living spaces are messy. In the article for Psychology Today, psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter says mess and clutter in our homes can actually play a significant role in how we feel about ourselves in our everyday lives.

Keeping our homes clean and tidy is an easy way to reduce daily stress, but even the act of cleaning itself can make some of us feel very anxious. Some of us are physically unable to keep our homes clean due to certain health impairments. Feeling like we don’t know where to start or how often we need to do certain housekeeping tasks can stop us in our tracks.

House Cleaning Tips:

To ensure you set yourself up for cleaning success, is to have the right tools. The good news is that you don’t need super expensive products to clean your home.

  • Microfiber cloths are a must have, per our cleaning services experts. Not only are they better at cleaning surfaces than sponges, but unlike paper towels and others, they are quick drying, washable and more importantly, reusable.
  • Now for the cleaning solution! Most cleaning experts prefer mixing white vinegar, distilled water and dish soap. This solution paired with microfiber cloths removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces. Tip: adding fresh, squeezed lemon juice to your solution will leave your home smelling fresh. (please do your research before mixing any solutions for safety reasons). For glass surfaces, using a dry microfiber cloth and an all purpose cleaner will do the job without leaving streaks.
  • Now that you have your microfiber cloths and cleaning solution, you can put together your cleaning caddy. Gather all of your supplies, adding an all-purpose cleaning solution, a glass cleaner, and latex gloves to complete your cleaning caddy. Having a cleaning caddy makes your cleaning mobile, and increases your productivity by not forgetting the supplies you need while you’re cleaning.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips :

The kitchen is ground zero for messes during the day, but there are simple ways to keep your kitchen from getting the best of you. 

  • Keep up with spills and messes throughout the day. Great advice as follows: clean as you go. Our experts recommend daily kitchen cleaning, which will keep things from getting out of control. Making quick work of daily mess and clutter will also help you avoid cross-contamination of germs. Keep many microfiber cloths handy so you can immediately treat spills. That way, the mess doesn’t stick, and becomes ten times harder to clean later.

  • Simple advice: doing your dishes after every meal is recommended by our cleaning experts, to keep up with daily and hourly messes that can accumulate. The key to making kitchen cleaning easier is remarkably simple – don’t procrastinate. Sweeping your floor at the end of the day and staying on top of surface messes and build up, while tidying up daily clutter will make your kitchen feel consistently clean without spending countless hours on it.

Tips For Bathroom Cleaning:

Your bathroom is one of the busiest areas in your home, and it is imperative to keep it as germ free as possible.

  • Make sure to keep highly trafficked spots cleaned several times a week. Much like your kitchen, keeping up with your bathroom messes daily can make deeper, less frequent cleaning much easier. Tip: tackle the mess before it becomes a bigger mess. Areas such as the toilet and shower, and the tubs and floors. Especially behind the toilet, which is one of the most germs-ridden areas – so you really should be cleaning behind the toilet once or twice a week.

  • Still not convinced that you should be wiping down the toilet more frequently? Think about this, every time you flush the toilet, waste and water mix together, microbes are sent into the air and in turn, all over the toilet (not to mention your phone or other devices that you may have with you, eww!). Developing a consistent and simple cleaning habit in your bathroom will mean you won’t have to tackle a much larger mess later on. Wipe down your shower after each use to make regular weekly cleaning easier. Also, wipe down the toilet and toothbrush holders twice a week.